ecommerce Business and Fulfilment Service Needs

The concept of fulfilment typically refers to product fulfilment or order fulfilment. This is where any supplier or company sends out a product due to a customer order or request. The entity that performs a service in this respect is often a logistics company. One type of activity that is often carried out in fulfilment services and contract packing is pick and pack. A standard pick and pack fulfilment warehouse includes five basic elements.

order fulfilment services and pick and ack for businessesFulfilment Warehouse Facilities 

The secure storage of various products and items often requires a warehouse facility. Warehouses are a large building which will be organised into various rows with multi-level shelving that is indexed. This shelving provides enough space for a forklift to remove and place pallets of any on-hand stock.

Inventory Control Systems

The use of an inventory control system is an integral part of a standard fulfilment centre. An inventory control system is a computerised system that is able to track on-hand inventory. This system requires a scanner that will read a barcode to update inventory levels. Once a product is removed from a pallet on a shelf, then it is scanned into a computer system. Inventory control systems will then recalculate product levels and send an alert when stock requires replenishment.

Staff and Equipment

Specific equipment and staffing is needed for a pick and pack warehouse. This will include a standard forklift and pallet jacks to perform standard pick and pack functions. The staff in a warehouse will retrieve a product once an order is received. Items that are located on upper shelving units need to be retrieved using a forklift. If items are on a pallet on the ground, then a worker will have a motorised pallet jack. All items for a specific order will be gathered together for shipment to the customer.

 Shipping and Delivery

The shipping process and delivery to the customer is the final step of the fulfilment process. This may involve the use of a third-party shipper to perform this function. Many companies will find the process of outsourcing shipping and delivery is a cost-effective solution. Parcel couriers and the Postal Service are usually the most common options for fulfilment houses.

 Customer Service

The service provided to the customer is not an essential aspect of the process of pick and pack fulfilment at a warehouse. However, customers often have an inquiry about an order and need to be able to find if a product is in transit. Today, this can often be done by using tools that are available on the Internet.

Any pick and pack companies that are being considered by a company or organisation should have the necessary space for customer products. One main aspect to keep in mind about any fulfilment services and pick and pack processes is sending customers an email confirmation when an order is shipped. The use of pick and pack fulfilment is an important aspect for any ecommerce business that is selling products to customers.

Choosing A Contract Packer

Contract packing companies have a huge reputation to live up to when they receive the contracts from big companies with big signing amounts too. But the thing is that many times, these companies that provide services of packaging and manufacturing of products under their name might not live up to the expectations of people (the consumers) or the company which hired them. In many cases do we see that contracts are terminated way before they could mature because of the inefficiency shown by these companies over a period of time which compels for such actions. However there are some things that the company can do in such cases without having to burn a big hole in its reputation. While these may seem common sense at the first sight, they are usually more important than anything else.

Its reputation…

Reputation of the contract packing company does matter before giving any job to them as these reputations are an indirect representation of the company. One always tries to invest in branded products because of their reputation and not because of the fact that they provide good service. Because consciously, the person thinks that since it’s a reputable company, it’s safe to give them a job but subconsciously they think that because they are reputable they must provide good service. Reputation perhaps is more important than reading reviews about a company’s service since many of the reviews posted online might not be helpful to the person and hence cannot make a better judgment based only on such reviews. However, a review does matter as they are a direct representation of what the company’s work ethics are.

Small things do matter

As the saying goes, small things are important. If one has to truly judge a contract packing company, one should see how it handles the small things and small problems such as some minor fault. Also to truly know about the company, one should get to know the past experiences of their previous customers because in that case, one can get to know the complete picture and also know the working methods of a that company under contract of manufacturing. They are like a report card and all the major and minor issues that can come up while working with the company can come up before. This helps to make a better judgment about a company before signing a deal with them and ultimately proves to be a healthy way of making investments.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring A Contract Packaging Service

contract packaging The period of recession has not gone away totally yet and so one should be careful in deciding about which places should one invest in. What happens is that nowadays no one is eager to spend money like water behind any kind of service no matter how important they maybe because everyone still feels that the dark periods of recession are not fully over yet and it seems to be only a matter of time before another one strikes. That is why hiring services such as Contract packaging should be done very carefully if the person happens to own a business related to the FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods category of business. There is no doubt that FMCG goods do require packaging and for this, hiring a packaging company seems to be the smart choice but perhaps before investing blindly in such a company, it is always better to know a bit more about them. This way one can get to know about the work ethics and reliability of that particular company which becomes essential for the person if he wants to ensure that his business would not suffer for losses behind which the packaging company might be directly or indirectly responsible for.

Knowing about contract packaging takes effort

There are various contract packaging services available in this world and many of them may be within the reach of the person. But since there are currently a large number of options to choose from, it becomes important to choose intelligently and not mere randomly because the hard earned money is at stake for the service. It is always advisable to get to know about their work ethics. The thing about knowing this is that while many companies might write high and big things about their work ethics which might lead to make the person think that they are the right choice for him, but in reality it might be very different. Its analogy might be similar to that of salesperson. Just because the salesperson claims the product to be excellent doesn’t actually mean the product really is so and it becomes important for a person to get some reviews before his investment. Or else the person might be volunteering for getting the most unpleasant experience of his life regarding work and professionalism. Though many packaging companies are truly reputed in their own field, many only claim to have done big jobs using modern or latest technologies. They simply use big words to make themselves look big.

How to know about them in depth?

To better know what kind of logistics are provided by these companies, one should know about their past customers. These past customers are like a report card of that particular packaging company in discussion. These past customers can tell you about their work ethics, their sense of professionalism and the efficiency and dedication of work. Believing them over the company might be more sensible as the later shall always try to write big about himself in his website. For that matter there are plenty of reviews available in the online world of internet as well and it takes only mere googling to find out some case histories of negative impact of that company. However in the end the decision is to be made by the person himself and none other so only he can perhaps make better judgment of the company. While packaging services are very much required in the modern world by the FMCG producer and manufacturers alike, the demand of packaging services shall never be diminished unless the companies always introduces more dedication and innovation into their working techniques. That being said however, decisions should be made only after a lot of consideration only

Contract Packing: Its Importance In Maintaining Reputation

While the concept of contract packing might seem new to a person who has just heard of this term, but truth be told, the concept is contract packingfar from new. In fact many industries in the older days worked on the same logic as well which only few people come to know of. But what is perhaps undeniable that this concept has truly become an essential part of any industry over the last couple of decades and shall continue to be one of the major pivotal points of the future industries as well as it combines both the aims of any manufacturing company which is less costs and more output. But there is more to that also since contract packaging also largely influences the heart of any company in the world (be it a marketing company or a manufacturing company) which is none other than its reputation in the world. This is one thing that most companies try to hold on dearly as its tarnishing shall directly mean loss of company.

Building the reputation

Reputation of any company is made only by two things. The first one among them is hard work or perseverance while the second one is time. It takes dedication to build reputation but at the same time, reputations aren’t built overnight just like every other good things in the world. In the beginning the company builds its reputation with combining both the above factors and later on it is this reputation that keeps the company stand high above its competitors in the market. However it might take years to build a reputation but it only takes minutes to ruin them and send the company back to Stone Age times. Therefore contract packing services have the responsibility of maintaining a reputation of their company under which they are in contract since they are in one way, representatives of their contract company as well. So before hiring any such contract service from them, the person must always get to know more about them by reading reviews of them.

Reading reviews about the contract packing company

The thing about the reputation of contract packing services company is that their reputation is only made when they are successful in maintaining the reputation of their contract company. Just like every other company, this also takes hard work and time to build upon but takes only minutes to ruin as stated earlier. Therefore in any business transaction, the stakes are always high since reputation comes under the stake. Contract packing services do either all or some of the manufacturing and packaging process for their contractors and hence in a way, they act like the contract company themselves in producing these goods. But since it becomes important to study and know the reviews of any packing service company, it becomes equally important to know the places from where one can get these reviews. One of the best ways is to contact their past customers to get detailed information about many things such as work ethics, efficiency and dedication about their work. Only can then one make a sensible investment.